Guy Harvey Jewelry – For the Nautical Lifestyle

About Guy Harvey Jewelry

Guy Harvey Fine Jewelry is the essential finishing touch that reveals to the world ones love of the sea and the nautical lifestyle. Through of a lifetime of interaction with nature and the oceans, Dr. Guy Harvey captures a variety of marine wildlife in their natural habitat with extraordinary detail. Sea creatures figuratively come to life with his brush.

Three years ago we were selected by Guy Harvey to design a line of jewelry based on his extensive artwork. Our objective was to create a unique and recognizable design that would be distinctively associated with the Guy Harvey brand. Collaborating with Dr. Harvey, and with contributions from designers Robbins and Danielle Rees, the Guy Harvey Jewelry line was born

Many steps are involved in creating fine jewelry. The process starts with a sketch and fortunately there is an endless catalog of fascinating subjects created by Dr. Harvey to work from. We select elements from Guy’s art that can be transferred and rendered into wearable jewelry. Once a rendering is completed, the model work begins, usually involving hand carving the subject in hard wax by highly skilled artisans. Model making is the most important and labor intensive and part of the process. We spare no expense in creating the most perfect model for each design. The next step is to make a mold from the model and from that a wax pattern is made. The wax pattern will ultimately melt away in the kiln leaving a cavity for the precious metal to be poured.

The pieces are cast using the timeless art of lost wax casting where molten precious metals are poured into a metal flask that contains a hard plaster like substance. After the piece is casted and cleaned, the rough areas are smoothed and polished using a series of fine grit abrasives. Each piece is hand finished to reveal dramatic detail and subtle nuances, right down to Guy’s famous signature on the reverse side of our medallion pieces. Below Guy’s signature, a quality mark and a series of Hallmarks are placed to authenticate each piece as being a genuine Guy Harvey.

Some pieces are finished in the classic relic patina and others are brightly polished and hard fired with enamel to add a splash of color. Guy Harvey jewelry is accented in a variety of colors, including Gulf Steam Blue, Caribbean Blue and Cayman Green. Marlin, macaws, sailfish, dolphin, sea turtles and many other species are depicted with realistic action in full color. The technique that is used to bring color to Guy Harvey Fine Jewelry is an old and storied art form. Enameling flourished during the Roman period and in more modern times has been made famous by the Faberge’ family in France and Tiffany family in America. The 3 dimensional surface of Guy Harvey jewelry is cleverly decorated in both low and high relief, releasing an explosion of color and action. Colors are carefully chosen to closely match Dr. Harvey’s artwork. Then each piece is fired multiple times, in a kiln at high temperatures, thus creating an enduring work of art that will last for many generations.

Guy Harvey Jewelry has been worn by top models including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covergirl Brooklyn Decker, Bar Refaeli, Anne V and others. The jewelry has traveled with the SI Swimsuit crew to be photographed in the exotic settings of Fiji, The Maldives, Lisbon and Singapore.

Retail prices range from $49 to $25,000 The copyrighted and patented designs include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms, and rings, made of sterling silver, diamonds, 18K gold, and gemstones in a variety of combinations. The collection consists of styles for both male and female.

We are proud to donate a percentage of sales to The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, the non-profit organization that promotes the conservation of our oceans and nurtures the next generation of marine scientists and guardians of our seas.

Guy Harvey Jewelry is a family owned business since 1986 located in the coastal town of Little Washington, NC.