Guy Harvey Jewelry's Signature Medallion Necklaces and Helping Save the Sea

Guy Harvey is a world-renowned artist, conservationist, and marine biologist who has dedicated his life to preserving the oceans and the creatures that call it home. His signature medallion necklaces, created by Guy Harvey Jewelry, are not only beautiful pieces of jewelry, but they also help to fund conservation efforts that support the health of our oceans. The Guy Harvey Jewelry medallion necklaces feature a variety of marine creatures, including dolphins, sharks, and turtles, and are made with high-quality materials such as sterling silver and 14k gold. Each medallion is intricately detailed and captures the essence of the creature it represents. The medallions are not only stunning, but they also serve a purpose beyond adornment. Proceeds from the sale of these necklaces go towards supporting marine conservation efforts around the world. Guy Harvey is committed to educating people about the importance of preserving our oceans and the creatures that live in them. By purchasing a Guy Harvey Jewelry medallion necklace, you can show your support for this cause and help to fund important conservation efforts. In addition to the medallion necklaces, Guy Harvey Jewelry offers a wide range of other ocean-inspired jewelry, including earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Each piece is designed with the same attention to detail and commitment to conservation as the medallion necklaces. The jewelry is not only beautiful but is also made with eco-friendly materials such as recycled metals and sustainable gemstones. Guy Harvey Jewelry  partners with organizations such as the Guy Harvey Foundation to help fund research and conservation efforts. The Guy Harvey Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds scientific research and conservation initiatives focused on ocean conservation, education, and sustainable fishing practices. 

 In conclusion, Guy Harvey Jewelry's signature medallion necklaces are not just beautiful pieces of jewelry but also serve as a way to help fund marine conservation efforts. By wearing a Guy Harvey Jewelry medallion necklace, you can show your support for preserving our oceans and the creatures that call it home. Guy Harvey's commitment to marine conservation and education is inspiring, and his jewelry is a great way to support this important cause.